Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lickin' the Bowl

Does anyone else's bowl look like this after making a batch of cupcakes?? Or, for that matter pretty much any type of delicious baked good involving a batter of some sort? A little gross, I know, but once the batter is successfully in the oven, I can't seem to help myself from turning into a 6 year old again and just goin' at it.  If you're a serial bowl licker like me, you may appreciate this tip.  I just made my mom's famous pumpkin muffins for the first time (its technically a cupcake recipe, but they are so delish we have always eaten them frosting-less and called them muffins.)  Anyway, today I plan to make them as cupcakes, just for the beauty factor (and to give it a try.. a little bit of frosting makes everything better!) and I discovered that this is hands down the yummiest batter I have ever come across!  I'll post the recipe for the finished product of these a little bit later!

In other news, this is a very exciting day of cooking for me! First of all, my sourdough starter is READY after only 2 days and one feeding!  What an advanced little baby he is! He is headed to the fridge where he'll wait for me to use him in sourdough bread!  

Secondly, I have all the ingredients I need to make Chevre (goat cheese) and will serve it on mini toasts tonight with dinner.  I've never made cheese before, so needless to say I am EXCITED! We went out to dinner last night for Sushi, which was delicious, but lately even one day away from the kitchen makes me miss it.  In fact, when we got home I made a simple desert- raspberries with fresh whipped cream.  Truly, I am starting to respect Kevin more, whose hobbies include playing golf, playing xbox and riding dirt bikes in the desert (well, the last one he usually only does once a year, but he did just get a dirt bike of his own! I hope he gets a chance to ride it more often. )  Poor guy doesn't get to do any of those things nearly as much as I get to indulge in my hobby!  In fact, I'm pretty sure not many people do.  So blessed I am! Thank you Lord for giving me the wonderful life I have!  Enough for now, my pumpkin cupcakes are ready to come out of the oven.. time to make some frosting! Have a Blessed day everyone! 

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